Hair Story #16

When hanging out in my best friend’s dorm room, I sometimes put my hair on her bed when I’m sitting on the floor. Whenever she needs to get on the bed to get something or to relax, she always says, “Move your hair!!!”

Submitted By: toasterfaic

Hair Story #15: My hair saved my butt!

There was one time that our principle caught me and a bunch of my friends smoking behind one of our buildings at free period, and he took all of our packs and lighters, and when I told him I didn’t have a lighter he made me turn my pockets inside out, to prove to him that I didn’t have a lighter. But the funny part is, I did have a lighter, but I never kept it in my pockets for this very reason. I always stash it in my bun! 

PS I adore your blog.

Submitted By: good-girl-grunge

Hair Story #14

the last time i got my hair cut, the girl saw me and started grinning and said “back for your semianual cut, eh?” that was two years ago. i wonder what she’ll say next time we meet?

Submitted By: mettalovespokemon

Hair Story #13

A month or so ago, I had this really terrible nightmare that I had woken up shaking from. It was basically a real life Mother Gothel that kinda looked like my own mother chasing me around this rural neighborhood trying to cut off all my hair…..

Submitted By: toasterfaic

Hair Story #12

My hair sheds like crazy. My boyfriend always makes me vacuum his apartment after i stay with him for a week. He says after I leave strands of my hair are in the carpet and they wrap around his toes when he walks. It drives him crazy, hehe c:

Submitted By: softly-whisper-iloveyou

Hair Story #11

Last week, I was helping my conductor move out the new vibes from the storage room. I was up against the door and I miscalculated the weight of the door so it slammed really hard really fast RIGHT ON MY HAIR.

Imagine the embarrassment when I had to tell my conductor, since my hair was long enough for me to stand straight with it stuck…..

Submitted By: toasterfaic

Hair Story #10

My boyfriend is constantly picking long blonde strands off his black  clothes after we’ve been together, and asks how I have any left on my head when he vacuums out the floorboards of his truck. He says I’m marking my territory, haha. 

Submitted By: happpiness-is-key

Hair Story #9

So this is like a random anecdote that’s super short

I was at my cousin’s birthday party last night and I was lazing on her couch. I threw my hair on the other side of the chairseatthing because it was hot and you know. And all of a sudden, I feel a pressure on my hair and my uncle was leaning against the seat and my hair to take a picture for my aunt. He wouldn’t get off for five minutes and I was freaking out so much because I could not move at all and I was getting a neck cramp.


Submitted By: toasterfaic

Hair Story #8

Two years ago, when I was in 7th grade, I got put into woodshop for an elective. My hair is pretty long, and I wasn’t really into using the drills. Well, one day, the project I was doing required me to use one, and I ended up getting it stuck into the drill. I don’t know what was worse, my teacher getting annoyed, the pain, or the embarrassment.

Submitted By: december-moons

Hair Story #7

I just spent the last month traveling and I was very surprised when my braid was specifically patted down during security checks in THREE different airports.  I guess they had to make sure that I hadn’t hidden anything dangerous in it. 

Submitted By: thetimetravelinggirl

Hi, just a comment but THEY DID THIS TO ME TOO!!!

Hair Story #6

The first time I ever cut my hair was in fifth grade, I donated 14 inches to locks of love. It was still a good length, but it sure didn’t feel like it at the time and I hated my hair for a good two years after.

Submitted By: nolongerwinter

Hair Story #5

Submitted By: urlaboutme

When my brother was in prison, I would go visit him. One time, I had my hair in a ponytail and I had to take it out so the security guard could “check it” because he said there was so much of it I could hide a machete in it..


Hair Story #4

Submitted By: urlaboutme

Two years ago, my best friend had waist-length blonde wavy hair, then she donated it to Locks of Love. I’m not sure how many inches, but it was above her shoulders. She was super brave, I’d never be able to do that :L

Hair Story #3

Submitted By: myblackanddeepdesires

I was in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream last year as a fairy. Our director wanted all the fairies to look completely wild - messy hair was a must. Well, my hair is insanely curly and really quite long; I don’t want to deal with it daily, so I put it in a ponytail. On the day of the performance, I took my hair down and brushed it out once. Our director looked at me and said, “Perfect! Everyone, do your hair like Victoria’s!” I was proud of my hair.

Hair Story #2

Ugh… a story? :D Generally whenever I go somewhere and meet new people, they call me ‘Rapunzel’ because they find my birth name too difficult to pronounce or remember. I can’t stand being called that name! xD

Submitted By: amblypygidae