killmekillmekillme sent: My hair has always been long, but for about four years I got it down to my hips and I barely ever faced problems like you did. I barely ever see a hairdresser and when I do, they're all jealous about my long hair and yes, that's one of the best things, everybody's always jealous of your extraordinary long hair. But apart from the seat problem I barely faced some.

You’re extremely lucky then :)

fobisback-deactivated20131114 sent: I think it would be nice to share to someone about hair for once and be a girl. I use to have very long hair as a child, almost down to my hips, (in my family long hair is beautiful) and I cut it to my shoulders. I cried forever but I was glad my mom didn't have to brush my hair too often. Then I let it grow out again to my hips. I got annoyed and chopped it all off to my chin. I'm letting my hair grown out again and I will let it stay long for a long time. Good thing my hair grows quickly! c:

I really wish I had the courage to just chop off my hair whenever I wanted and know that it would grow back fast! You are very luck, maam.

Anonymous sent: We like marketing research, and you like free stuff. Head over to TUMBLRMARKETING(.)COM and claim a free gift card for filling out a short survey. Thanks, TumblrBot

No thank you :)

Anonymous sent: Are they stolen from you? Are their problems just a bunch of your problems posted later? (Also UGH is right that design is horrible compared to yours!)

No, I think they make their own problem posts. It doesn’t seem like any of them are stolen from me so yay! :) and lol thanks

queen-of-kaiju sent: ☆ please and thank you :D

Temperature- Sean Paul

andrisbiedrins sent: ☆ and also would you rather eat a handful of hair or lick three public telephones?

I’d come for you-Nickelback

Andddd…lick three public telephones…lol

toasterfaic sent: This blog. Omg. It's like my life scrolling before my eyes.

Anonymous sent: Found your blog. Read your entire blog. Love your blog. Now I'm feeling depressed because I had to cut my long hair and no it simply will not grow fast enough :(

Awwww. Thank you so much! <3 I love getting messages about people reading through my entire blog! I’m sorry that you had to cut your hair but it will grow back eventually, just be patient with it. You can also check out my FAQ for information on how to encourage hair growth and that might help your hair grow faster :) Good luck!

shopez sent: Scrolled through your entire blog(: I wish my hair was long enough to have these problems/: But I'm unwilling to give up dying it crazy colors soo...

Hahaha you can submit your own problems if none of these seem to apply to you :) You can also submit pictures of your hair. I’m sure my followers would love to see the wonderful colors! Thank you for reading through my entire blog! It’s quite a lot.

Anonymous sent: OMG this blog makes me so sad because my hair was so long up until about two weeks ago and I chopped off 10 inches and donated them to locks of love, which was nice, but I really really miss my hair and I can't wait for it to grow back. I wish I hadn't cut it. :(

I’m proud that you built up enough courage to donate your hair because I have never been able to. Don’t worry though! It will grow back soon enough. Keep your head up, love. :)

duhhorio sent: On Friday I posted a picture on facebook and instagram of me with 'short' hair. But reality is that my hair is long enough where I can hide most of it in a sweater and make it look like a hair cut. I got 42 likes and 17 comments... I feel like it's just too funny to take down.

I DID THE SAME THING BEFORE! I posted about it here. Look at us being tricky :p

shiningsparrow sent: has that happened before where you get a "both" submission? Also (in your opinion) was that a benefit or a problem? I'm just curious. I see it as a benefit, but I can see how it can be a problem lol which is why I wasn't quite sure how to submit it :)

Yes I think I did have a submission that was both a problem and benefit. I, personally, think that it would be more of a benefit than a problem but I can definitely see it as both. :)

phantasrs sent: I made an appointment to get a haircut tomorrow. Hope there aren't any tears involved. ;~; Give me courage!

GOOD LUCK!!! I’m sure everything will be fine :)

andrisbiedrins sent: if you could own any car in the world, what would it be?

A 1967 Chevrolet Impala ooh yeahh